web projects

ame.lmao.rip [link] - activity level S
Oh hey, would you look at that.

ameowli.dev [warning link] - activity level X
Modern browsers require modern solutions.

lmao.rip [warning link] - activity level A
Personal-professional website. This is regarded as my main homepage. Updated when I add more about blurbs.

blog.ameowli.dev - Doc's Bizarre Adventures [warning link] - activity level S
My blog, chronicling my chronic case of smacking my head over technology until it works. Formerly found at doqk.ml, but moved after Freenom pulled a fast one.

please.burneset.ga - Please Burn ESET [warning link] - activity level A
Personal filehost. Named after the antimalware suite that some forum admin had, which kept triggering every time I posted a screenshot on my old filehost. Not affiliated with ESET or any software thereof.

whensflash.cx - when's flash? [warning link] - activity level S
Side project involving listing upcoming tournaments for Super Smash Flash 2. Currently updated manually, but there are plans to integrate automatically updating the page.

multiplex.gq [warning link] - activity level K
A portal used during a RPG campaign with some friends. Since the project concluded, this web project isn't updated anymore and was recently archived.

program projects

CoreOverlay [warning github] - activity level X
A competitive stream overlay that doesn't suck.

d2hgui [warning github] - activity level K
A basic frontend for a commandline software called dsp2hps.

Melee Toolbox [warning github 1] [warning github 2] - activity level D
A launcher and software management tool for programs used in modding Super Smash Bros. Melee. Since I've fallen out of the Melee modding scene, Melee Toolbox is in software maintenance.

Challonge Record Parser - activity level B
A small tool used to parse Challonge brackets and compile results per player.

HgEngine - activity level K
PowerShell scripts that generated and manages results from Chiaki Fan Club's regular Hunger Games simulations. Series was increasingly difficult for the GM to manage, so this package collected dust.

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